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City: Berlin

Address: Friedrichstraße 127, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: 030 24048336
Categories: Beauty Supply Store, Hair Salon, Barber Shop
Facebook rating: 5 / 11 votes

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1 year ago by Anonymous

I just got a haircut from them that is so bad I am literally sitting in my hotel room crying right now. For the first time since was 12 I am crying over a haircut. I have to be seen like this?! I have a serious career, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go back to London and the people I work with see me like this. It’s going to take at least a month before it grows out enough that I can even get it fixed. First of all, I was supposed to get a hairgloss as well. On its own it was 50 euros. My hair is slightly more healthy feeling. But glossy? No. I’ve have had loads of gloss treatments, I know what it’s supposed to look like. This isn’t it. I should have known they had no idea what they were doing when they did the treatment cold. But I went with it. To be fair the girl who did my hair can’t be entirely faulted for the gloss. The salon obviously just carries some terrible off brand. Either this brad specifies it isn’t a heat treatment, or she wasn’t properly trained. It’s on the salon to train employees in their product, so there was only so much she could do. But the cut! It’s so bad. It’s just so, so bad. It’s not what I asked for. It looks like the haircut 80s mothers gave their children before they were old enough to care what they looked like. I have a child’s haircut. I have a child’s haircut that looks like it was administered by a child. Again, I should have known when she tried to talk me out of layers that she must have had an another reason. She didn’t want to admit that she can’t do layers, probably for fear of being fired, so she just did the best she could. I have no idea what she did or what she was going for. I would explain what’s wrong, but I honestly can’t figure out what she did. It’s just weird. It lacks movement (what layers are for), except in all the places you wouldn’t want it. And it’s lumpy? Like low layers in some areas, like she was going for a low bi-layer look, but it’s not uniform, and other layers are higher (I think). It’s so weird. And worse, unfixable until it grows out. Also she went too short. I said, I have long hair, I could lose a fair bit of hair and still have long hair, I haven’t had a cut in a while, so you can take off what you need to give it volume and movement, but make sure it’s still long hair. It’s no longer long hair. Don’t get me wrong, medium hair can work, sure. And I wouldn’t have minded if it met my other objectives. But it really doesn’t. Somehow my hair is oddly short, but lacks fullness and movement. That’s why you go shorter, to take the weight off. But this now looks heavier. I think it’s because she refused to give me any taper in the front, even though I said I liked it. And because she was opposed to layers, she would only do them in the back, wouldn’t even take them to the side. So there is zero movement. Again, a strong solid line in the front can work, but not on this hair at this length. There is nothing here to frame to face. It’s flat. It’s awkward. It’s cringeworthy. It actually kind of looks like a wig, out of sync with my face. The elements on their own are maybe(?) okay, but they just come together all wrong. She just lacks the eye for this. There is no finest or artfulness. Which ultimately is why you go to a professional. The nothing straight across the bottom cut she wanted to give me I could have given myself. And it’s very nearly what I have. Except the odd layers which make it even harder to fix. It’s difficult too, because she had quite strong opinions. Like she tried to talk me out of what I asked for. Like she knew better. And she’s the professional, so it’s easy to believe her. So I probably put too much trust in her and gave her too much freedom. Though, it was basically exactly the same conversation I’ve had with every other hairdresser, and I’ve always gotten pretty predictable results — or sometimes, when they do really know what they’re talking about, better. So again, she spoke with confidence and I figured it would be fine. It’s not. I regret everything. The worst was the end. She asked twice if it was okay. If I avoided the question once, I really don’t want to talk about it. So the second time I said no, and just tried to hurry out. I’m literally on the brink of tears, right there, in public, and she starts grilling me about what I don’t like. She has nothing to say about me saying the front, layers, and length are off. No apology. But when I said the gloss wasn’t great, she jumped right in to say “You don’t think it’s more healthy?”. Well yeah, it’s (a bit) stronger, but it’s not glossy. She again doesn't apologize, or acknowledge anything else I’ve said, and just looks at me like I’m some horrible b-word being ridiculous. Meanwhile I’m just trying not to cry and end the conversation before I lose it. I am humiliated. I am gutted. Please be warned about this salon.

#210 rating: 1/5

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