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     Aplerbecker Hof - The personal

Good girls but The personal who was in charge was not friendly at all. I hope she will be trined well soon! Read more or comment

🇩🇪 Aplerbecker Hof

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Reviews from other cities

     Carpe diem. Ihr Café im Ärztehaus - While Waiting for my Prescriptions

Unfortunatley, I left a prescription home in the USA when we traveled to visit our cousin in TBB. We went to the local hospital and the doctor matched my prescfription with a German prescription via computer and sent in a prescription to t... Read more or comment

🇩🇪 Carpe diem. Ihr Café im Ärztehaus

     Martin Pfrommer e.K. - Talking Rubbish

This fellow would lie to his own grandmother, sells rubbish appliances for maximum price, then proceeds to tell unrelated stories to butter you up while having NO intention of honouring the companies commitment to refund the money. YOU C... Read more or comment

🇩🇪 Martin Pfrommer e.K.

     Loewen Meta Trading GmbH - Fraudulent Behaviour

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY Eg: Manual coffee grinder, absolute rubbish, poor workmanship, lowest standard possible with highest price on the market ($133.00) Lies, lies and more lies from the managing director down to the front line PR... Read more or comment

🇩🇪 Loewen Meta Trading GmbH

     279th Army Station Hospital - U.S. Army Hospital Berlin - 279th personnel

Would you be able to locate men who served at specific times at the 279th? I'm interested in the years 1954 and 1955. William Moskowitz. I served in the eye clinic OPD as an optometrist. Read more or comment

🇩🇪 279th Army Station Hospital - U.S. Army Hospital Berlin

     Grassl's Bistro-Cafe - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

We visited Grassl's Bistro-Café in October 2018. It was a VERY BAD and Unpleasant experience. We stopped at this café because the views were beautiful we thought we could get some nice pictures with the beautiful mountains in the background... Read more or comment

🇩🇪 Grassl's Bistro-Cafe